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Dennis R. Jones, Global Harvest Founder

Dennis R. Jones was once quoted as saying; “There are those who read about the experiences of others, and then there are those who experience what others only read about.” From a very young age, Dennis acknowledged that his life would never be normal…that one day he might be sleeping in a hut in Africa, and the next in a beautiful mansion. But one thing he knew deep within his heart was that his life would always be filled with exciting experiences! Born in Newport News, VA, Dennis was the son of a hard working father, who was “farmed out” as a child, and a loving mother who was raised in a Catholic orphanage. Many would assume that the odds were stacked against him, but God had amazing plans for his life. Through astonishing twist and turns, Dennis realized that plan.

Bill Breon

Pastor Bill Breon as served in full-time ministry for 27 years. While living in Chesapeake, Virginia, Pastor Bill walked away from a lucrative career with General Motors Acceptance Corporation to accept a pastoral position with New Life Christian Fellowship. This was an exciting season of learning and growth. Pastor Bill planted a Church in Great Neck and began leading mission trips to the Amazon region of Peru. After several years of fruitful ministry Pastor Bill accepted a Senior Pastor position at Immanuel Church in Wilmington Delaware. The church grew from eighty people to over four hundred. Pastor Bill launched several ministries in the Wilmington area. While pastoring a growing church he also continued to lead mission trips around the world. He is the author of Recovery After Suicide book.

Global Harvest World Footprint

Global Harvest Partners was founded by Dennis R. Jones with the goal of developing strategic partnerships that would impact the world with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.Pastor Bill and Dennis have served in global missions for over 30 years. This map illustrates their mission activity in different regions around the world.