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Dennis R. Jones

About Dennis R. Jones

Dennis R. Jones was once quoted as saying; “There are those who read about the experiences of others, and then there are those who experience what others only read about.” From a very young age, Dennis acknowledged that his life would never be normal…that one day he might be sleeping in a hut in Africa, and the next in a beautiful mansion. But one thing he knew deep within his heart was that his life would always be filled with exciting experiences! Born in Newport News, VA, Dennis was the son of a hard working father, who was “farmed out” as a child, and a loving mother who was raised in a Catholic orphanage. Many would assume that the odds were stacked against him, but God had amazing plans for his life. Through astonishing twist and turns, Dennis realized that plan. Over the past forty years, Dennis has exercised his entrepreneurial gifts through the creation, start up and full operations of successful corporations, to the formulation, development and manufacturing of specialty products for the aesthetic industry, including patented, niche products. Dennis also has extensive experience as a national seminar instructor,author , minister and public speaker and has provided financial management, contract negotiations, corporate development and counsel to businesses and churches around the world.

Presently, Dennis is the Chairman/CEO of FillTech USA, an FDA product development and manufacturing facility and the Founder/CEO of Creative Technologies, Inc., a product marketing and distribution company.

In addition to his business involvement, Dennis is an ordained minister and serves the church at large by ministering and counseling pastors and church leaders. Dennis also works with established and start-up churches, providing consulting and implementation in the areas of development, strategic planning and church growth.

Dennis serves as an apostolic leader and is involved in world missions. He has traveled to Russia, Africa, China and Jamaica where he has helped pioneer and plant churches in these countries. Through Global Harvest International, which Dennis founded and currently serves as President, he trains Christian leaders and businessmen and women around the world how to apply Biblical principles into their everyday lives, ministry and businesses and live these principles out. He also serves as Chairman Emeritus and is on the Executive Board of the Association of International Missions Strategies (AIMS).

Dennis is married to Cookie Jones, the love of his life.