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1.7 billion Muslims are culturally born into Islam, and many have never studied their religious teachings directly from the Quran. According to Quranic teachings, it is not to be analyzed, criticized, or interpreted but only to be memorized and recited. Therefore, Muslims are not taught religious critical thinking or analysis. aims to provide a vigorous exposition of the Quran and offer a new perspective on its relevance.

Explore​ the Quran like never before. Study and analyze every verse in context.

Discover​ the history and meaning of each verse according to Islamic scholars and traditions through
critical analysis and extensive, rich research measured against scientific, linguistic, and geographical facts.

Empower​ and equip yourself with accessible tools and resources to answer your questions and bring light to others.


Written by a group of former Muslims and professional Islamic scholars who have a passion
for Muslims. They share a desire to assist both Muslims and non-Muslims who seek to learn
more about Islam’s holiest book—those who want to research it, to critically analyze it,
and to better comprehend its teachings without the traditional religious and cultural barriers
designed to indoctrinate and restrict the minds of many truth seekers.

Global Harvest helped launch this international ministry to the Muslims

It is an honor having Global Harvest as a partner for project for many years. In addition to their prayer support, the Lord used them to help in relaunching the current website. Their seed money that they planted was the beginning of a faith journey where God provided thru them and other partners enough funds to finalize the first phase of the project.

They have been a part of this ministry for over 20 years, and we are looking forward to continuing this partnership.

  • Provides a safe place for beginning users and experienced researchers to share thoughts and ideas, creating common ground for engaging conversation about the Quran.

  • Offers Quranic study and analysis with short lessons and quotes from the Quran, including thought-provoking questions for discussion.

  • Allows social media sharing of quotes or thoughts from within the app.

  • Enables notifications and reminders directly to desktops or mobile devices.

You Can Sponsor New Lessons!

The Lessons section of the site allows Muslim users to study topics about the Quran alone, in the
privacy of the privacy of their home or with a group of trusted friends. Eight people are involved in
each lesson process, to ensure quality and validate the information. With your help, we can continue
creating even more lessons to shed light on these important topics.

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